by Jillian Brookes-Ward

Nathaniel Mackie is treading an emotional knife-edge, and the abyss is beckoning.

Following the deaths of his wife and baby, he has lived with unresolved guilt and grief, and it is tearing him apart.

One rainy day, Megan Thomas literally bursts into his kitchen and into his life.

Before long, their relationship becomes more than employee and housekeeper, and under her gentle, compassionate influence things begin to change, and he starts to come to term with his past.

When Megan’s temporary secondment is over, the extent of his affection for and dependence on her becomes apparent. He loves her, and wants her back.

But will she want him and all his accumulated baggage cluttering up her life, and if not, what then?

The prospect of living the rest of his life without her is a prospect he cannot contemplate…he would rather die.

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