by Jillian Brookes-Ward

Brian MacDonald has twin passions - fishing and sex, although not necessarily in that order.

A professional game angling instructor, Brian MacDonald begins each new season with a clean slate, a fresh supply of condoms and a charming smile.

Being a red blooded male and a bit of a loveable rogue, he is rather fond of women and even fonder of sex and will avail himself of any opportunity presenting itself.

Before long his phallic philanderings get him into trouble and his plans for the best season ever start to go awry.

Sandwiched between his misadventures with a professional rival, Marie the receptionist and the pink-haired bride of a Lord, a near-drowning incident brings the mysterious Lily into his life.

A lothario's dream come true, the strikingly beautiful and seemingly sexually insatiable stranger drives him to distraction. But could there be more to the enigmatic woman than meets the eye? A saucy riverbank romp with a twist in its tail.

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