by Lucy Pepperdine

It's all a big adventure, until the body count starts to rise.

Falcon Bravo oil platform, 250 miles offshore in the North Sea. Isolated. Forbidding. At the mercy of more than the weather and the sea.

The moment Eddie Capstan and his crew board Bravo to undertake a routine but dangerously understaffed maintenance mission, they are already counting the days until they leave again. However, they are not the only ones on board.

Released from its incarceration, a long buried obsession resurfaces, and soon they are counting the dead and missing instead. Everyone is suspect. Workmate turns on workmate. Could one of them be a killer, or is a more dangerous entity stalking the walkways?

"It's always the quiet ones you  need to watch closest."

Cautions:  Scenes of horror/peril. Scenes of sexual content/violence. Strong language throughout.

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