Thursday, 26 May 2016

For your listening pleasure...In The Garden of Stones now in audio.

It is with great delight that I announce that the audio-book version of the paranormal romance In the Garden of Stones is now available from

Narrated by the ultra talented Steve Worsley, In the Garden of Stones tells the story of Grace Dove, a young woman with mental issues, a twice-failed suicide undergoing a new type of therapy, and Colin McLeod, a wounded soldier rendered catatonic by his severe PTSD, languishing in a military rehabilitation center. Two people damaged to the limits of their endurance. 

Seeking sanctuary from the horrors of real life, Grace and Colin find themselves brought together in a fantasy world of their own creation; they call it their Garden of Stones. There they talk out their problems, comfort and support each other, and plan their futures, although it is not plain sailing by any means. Their time in their personal paradise, however, runs concurrently with events happening in the real world. Life goes on, until Colin's is put in danger, so he withdraws entirely into the Garden to save himself. If he stays there, he will die and Grace has very little time to get him back. If she fails, both he and the Garden will be lost to her forever.

Download your copy now by visiting here and selecting the audio download box. This will take you to the Audible site and details of how to download.  

For your further enjoyment, In The Garden of Stones is also available in eBook format for your Kindle.

Please feel free to leave a review and remember that proceeds from sales of the audio-book go to support Combat Stress a military mental health charity.

Steve Worsley

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