Thursday, 12 March 2015

Into the Wild Wolf's fold

Great changes have been afoot in this 'umble scribbler's little corner of the writerly world over the last week or so, one which for a while I thought would herald disaster but in actual fact has turned out to be wonderful. 

Without further ado, it is with great delight, not to mention great pride, that I make the following announcement. I am now officially a Wolfite, having been taken into the warm and welcoming fold of Wild Wolf Publishing.

Consequently Offshore and In The Garden of Stones can be found at Smashwords, and at the Amazon Kindlestore local to you (linkies below). 

I very much hope you will consider reading and, if you like it, leaving a review. 

Jill (Lucy) x


In The Garden of Stones


In The Garden of Stones

Proceeds from sales go to support the following charities:

Offshore - The Piper Alpha Memorial Fund (PoundforPiper)
In The Garden of Stones - Combat Stress
(Military mental health charity)


Paranormal romance ANIMA MEA

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