Saturday, 6 July 2013

Remembering Piper Alpha (and Offshore goes live)

Today, Saturday 6 July 2013, is a special day, in two ways, tenuously connected. First and most important, today marks the 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster. On this day in 1988, 167 men lost their lives in the most horrific disaster ever to befall the oil industry. Please, if you read no further than this, take some time to think about those men and what they went through, honour their bravery and if would like to, spare a little for the Piper Alpha Memorial Trust, whose aim is to raise enough money to maintain the memorial statue and garden in Hazelhead Park, Aberdeen, raised in memory of the tragedy, for the men listed below:. 

Robert McIntosh ADAMS, rigger

George Alexander J ANDERSON, baker
Ian Geddes ANDERSON, dual service operator
John ANDERSON, catering manager
Mark David ASHTON, trainee technician/cleaner
Wilson Crawford A BAIN, valve technician
Barry Charles BARBER, diving consultant
Craig Alexander BARCLAY, welder
Alan BARR, Electrical technician
Brian Philip BATCHELOR, seaman
Amabile Alexander BORG, non-destructive tester
Hugh Wallace BRACKENRIDGE, roustabout
Alexander Ross Colvin BREMNER, production operator
Eric Roland Paul BRIANCHON, technician
Hugh BRISTON, scaffolder
Henry BROWN, welder
Stephen BROWN, assistant chef/baker
Gordon Craib BRUCE, helicopter landing officer
James BRUCE, logger
Carl William BUSSE, directional drilling supervisor
David CAMPBELL, cleaner
David Allen CAMPBELL, scaffolder
Alexander Watt CARGILL, electrician
Robert CARROLL, safety operator
Alan CARTER, lead production operator
Robert CLELAND, derrickman
Stephen Colin COLE, radio officer
Hugh CONNOR, instrument technician/lecturer
John Edward Sherry COOKE, Plater
John Thomas COOPER, Instrument Technician
William Nunn COUTTS, Chef
William John COWIE, Steward
Michael John COX, Scaffolder
Alan Irvin CRADDOCK, Drilling Supervisor
Edward John CROWDEN, Electrical Technician
Bernard CURTIS, Deputy Production Superintendent
Jose Hipolito DA SILVA, Steward
John Stephen DAWSON, Telecom Engineer
Eric DEVERELL, Production Clerk
Alexander DUNCAN, Steward
Charles Edward DUNCAN, Floorman
Eric DUNCAN, Drilling Materials Man
John DUNCAN, Engineer
Thomas Irvine DUNCAN, Roustabout
William David DUNCAN, Crane Operator
David Alan ELLIS, Steward
Douglas Newlands FINDLAY, Supervisor Mechanic
Harold Edward George FLOOK, Production Operator
George FOWLER, Electrical Technician
Alexander Park FREW, Plater
Samuel Queen GALLACHER, Pipe Fitter
Miguel GALVEZ-ESTEVEZ, Assistant Chef
Ernest GIBSON, Mud Engineer
Albert Stuart GILL, Roustabout
Ian GILLANDERS, Instrument Pipe Fitter
Kevin Barry GILLIGAN, Steward
Shaun GLENDINNING, Painter
John Edward Thomas GOLDTHORP, Motorman
Stephen Robert GOODWIN, Geologist
James Edward Gray GORDON, Floorman
David Lee GORMAN, Safety Operator
Kenneth GRAHAM, Mechanical Technician
Peter John GRANT, Production Operator
Cyril James GRAY, Safety Operator
Harold Eugene Joseph GREEN, Rigger
Michael John GROVES, Production Operator
John HACKETT, Electrical Technician
Ian HAY, Steward
Thomas Albert HAYES, Rigging Supervisor
James HEGGIE, Production Services Superintendent
David William HENDERSON, Lead Floorman
Philip Robert HOUSTON, Geologist
Duncan JENNINGS, Geologist
Jeffrey Grant JONES, Assistant Driller
Christopher KAVANAGH, Plater
William Howat KELLY, Electrical Technician
John Brian KIRBY, Production Operator
Stuart Gordon Charles KNOX, Roustabout
Alexander Rodger LAING, Steward
Terence Michael LARGUE, Scaffolder
Graham LAWRIE, Roustabout
Findlay Wallace LEGGAT, Scaffolder
Brian LITHGOW, Photographic Technician
Robert Rodger LITTLEJOHN, Pipe Fitter
Martin George LONGSTAFFE, Logger
William Raymond MAHONEY, Steward
John Morrison MARTIN, Rigger
Sidney Ian McBOYLE, Motorman
Robert Borland McCALL, Chief Electrician
James McCULLOCH, HVAC Technician
Alistair James McDONALD, Mechanical Technician
Alexander McELWEE, Plater
Thomas O’Neil McEWAN, Electrical Chargehand
William George McGREGOR, Leading Steward
Frederick Thomas Summers McGURK, Rigger
William Hugh McINTOSH, Floorman
Gordon McKAY, Valve Technician
Charles Edward McLAUGHLIN, Electrician
Neil Stuart Ross McLEOD, Quality Assurance Inspector
Francis McPAKE, Steel Erector/Rigger
David Allison McWHINNIE, Production Operator
Dugald McLean McWILLIAMS, Welder
Carl MEARNS, Rigger
Derek Klement Michael MILLAR, Supervisor
Alan David MILLER, Industrial Chemist
Frank MILLER, Scaffolder
John Hector MOLLOY, Engineer
Leslie James MORRIS, Platform Superintendent
Bruce Alexander Ferguson MUNRO, Floorman
George Fagan MURRAY, Steward
James Cowie NIVEN, Roustabout
Graham Sim NOBLE, Materials Man
Michael O’SHEA, Electrician
Robert Rennie PEARSTON, Mechanic
Ian PIPER, Motorman
Wasyl POCHRYBNIAK, Lead Roustabout
Raymond Leslie PRICE, Production Operator
Neil PYMAN, Engineer
Terence Stephen QUINN, Service Engineer
William Wallace RAEBURN, Maintenance Controller
Donald REID, Chargehand Engineer
Robert Welsh REID, Roustabout
Gordon MacAlonan RENNIE, Process Operator
Robert Miller RICHARD, Production Operator
Alan RIDDOCH, Steward
Adrian Peter ROBERTS, Roughneck
Alexander James ROBERTSON, Lead Production Technician
Donald Nicholson ROBERTSON, Mechanical Technician
Gary ROSS, Roustabout
Michael Hector RYAN, Roustabout
Stanley SANGSTER, Foreman Scaffolder
James John Dearn SAVAGE, Electrical Technician
Michael Hugh Brodie SCORGIE, Lead Foreman
William Alexander SCORGIE, Pipe Fitter
John Francis SCOTT, Scaffolder
Colin Denis SEATON, Offshore Installation Manager
Robert Hendry SELBIE, Turbo Drill Engineer
Michael Jeffrey SERINK, Logger
Michael Bernard SHORT, Foreman Rigger
Richard Valentine SKINNER, Assistant Driller
William Hamilton SMITH, Maintenance Lead Hand
James SPEIRS, Mechanical Technician
Kenneth Stuart STEPHENSON, Rigger
Thomas Cunningham Boswell STIRLING, Cleaner
Malcolm John STOREY, Seaman
James Campbell STOTT, plumber
Jurgen Tilo STWERKA, research chemist
Stuart Douglas SUTHERLAND, student/cleaner
Terrence John SUTTON, mechanical fitter
Alexander Ronald TAYLOR, roustabout
Alistair Adam THOMPSON, telecom engineer
Robert Argo VERNON, production operator
John Edward WAKEFIELD, instrument technician
Michael Andrew WALKER, technician
Bryan Thomas WARD, rigger
Gareth Hopson WATKIN, offshore medical attendant
Francis John WATSON head chef
Alexander WHIBLEY, roustabout
Kevan Dennis WHITE, maintenance supervisor
Robert WHITELEY, roustabout
Graham Gill WHYTE, aerial rigger
James Gilbert WHYTE, aerial rigger
Alan WICKS, safety supervisor
Paul Charles Ferguson WILLIAMSON, floorman
David WISER, survey technician
John Richard WOODCOCK, technical clerk

You can donate here.

Thank you.

Now onto the second, less important part.

For your delight and delectation, Blue Quill Books is very pleased to announce the release of new horror novel OFFSHORE.

Set on a decommissioned oil rig in the frigid North Sea, this is the first outing in the horror genre for author LUCY PEPPERDINE.

The blurb:

For those involved, it's all a big adventure...until the body count starts to rise. 

Falcon Bravo oil platform, 250 miles offshore in the North Sea. Isolated. Forbidding. At the mercy of more than the weather and the sea.

The moment Eddie Capstan and his crew board Bravo to undertake a routine but dangerously understaffed maintenance mission, they are already counting the days until they leave again. However, they are not the only ones on board.

Released from its incarceration, a long buried obsession resurfaces, and soon they are counting the dead and missing instead. Everyone is suspect. Workmate turns on workmate. Could one of them be a killer, or is a more dangerous entity stalking the walkways?

"It's always the quiet ones you  need to watch closest."

And now for the linkies:

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

If you enjoy reading the book even half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then it's a good job all round.

Lucy xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Today, June 16, is Father's Day, when those who are fortunate enough to still have them, thank their Dads for being there, for being their support and their friends. They give them cards and gifts, hugs and love...but not every Dad is so lucky...

All they will get today is something nobody should have to be on the receiving end of....DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

But he's a man, I hear you cry...domestic violence is only a woman's problem, isn't it? DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!! Every single day, thousands of MEN are on the receiving end of mental and physical abuse and violence, and it goes totally ignored.

So this is what this post is about, to bring your attention to the 50% of our society who tend to get a raw deal when it comes to the support and equality and every other darned thing we women have come to demand as our right. We expect to have someone to turn to and somewhere to go when marriages or partnerships break up, and particularly when we face domestic crises, be it physical violence or psychological, verbal, even financial abuse. Well so do men - and they're not getting it. The matter is not taken seriously by those who should be able to help - the police, local authorities - leaving the men with nowhere to go to seek escape. Nationwide (England and Wales) there are 7,500 refuges available for women, for men a mere 60.

Now call it a cultural thing, a hidden taboo,  but our oh so civilised society seems to think that a man taking bullying or a beating from a woman (or a same sex partner) is either a coward, a wimp or a liar. They don't see him in the same light as they see a woman and quite often don't take the threat seriously, dismissing it with a wave of the hand and an instruction to 'man up'. Well it's damned well time they did take it seriously. Men are getting injured; some are being KILLED in their own homes, by those who purport to love them.

Here are some interesting facts you may not be aware of.

In the UK:

  • The police receive a 999 call every three minutes from a male victim
  • 1 in 6 men will experience Domestic Violence in their life
  • Every third victim of Domestic Violence is a man
  • Domestic Violence equates to approx 25% of all reported violent crimes
  • 9% of all reported violent crimes are Domestic Violence cases involving male victims
  • Approximately 4 million men are affected every year by domestic violence
  • Practically the same percentage of men as women are victims of severe acts of Domestic Violence.

One report suggests that more than 40% of domestic violence victims are male. Source: Guardian Article

The above are appalling statistics you have to agree, yet did we know about them? I certainly didn't. And why? Because it's an issue that is deemed to be 'not that important' and swept under the carpet and not publicised. Some bodies will have you believe that domestic violence against males simply does not exist at all.

Well the cat is now well and truly out of the bag, and statistics like those above should be spread far and wide to make everyone aware of the scale of what goes on behind closed doors. Women get protection, children get protection, hell, even the family gerbil has legal protection from cruelty and violence, so why not a man? Is he any less deserving because of his sex? Less deserving than a rodent? Judging by the statistics it would seem so and it makes me weep at the injustices in our society.

I am UK based, so the links below are too, but wherever you are, a quick Google search will bring you someone who can help.

Men Aid
Hidden Hurt
Men's Advice Line

These organisations need your support. Men, women, everyone - do something positive this Father's Day, make a difference, spread the word that help IS out there. Find them, like them, follow them on Facebook and Twitter if you can, anything, just get them noticed.

Men - please, don't suffer in silence, get help, and not only for yourself. If you know of or even suspect someone of being a victim of domestic violence, of either sex, by speaking out, you may even save a life - it could be yours.

Bless you.
Jill x